Tomass Daugavietis

How long have you been skateboarding?
Since August of 2011

Why did you start skateboarding?
I went with my mom to to buy fingerboards, because I really liked them and suddenly I saw a skateboard, and I had to ask mom like 20 times until she agreed and bought me „tricks” skate complete.

What are your favorite skateboarders right now?
From Latvia for sure all the clockwise team and worldwide i have many favorites but the most i like Jakko, Jamie Foy and Jereme Knibbs

What is the best thing about skateboarding?
That you can explore everything, skate anything and almost anywhere and also the community of skateboarding is just wonderful

What is the worst thing about it?

Favorite spot?
That one I havent skated yet.

Favorite tricks?
Fs shuv, 3shov, ss heel, tre and hardflip

Clockwise Skateshop is:
located in Baldones 1, Riga. Haha, the best of course. 😀

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