How long have you been skateboarding?
17 years.

Why did you start skateboarding?
Cause it felt right!

How often do you skate these days?
Once or twice a week.

What was better in skateboarding 10 years ago?
It was more unique. Shit hadn’t hit the fan yet!

What is better now?
Bigger industry, more support for the skateboarding community.

Favorite Latvian and foreign riders?
Jāzeps Podnieks and Eniz Fazilov

What inspired you to get involved with/create Clockwise skateshop?
The fact that there was nothing better to do at that point in my life and Mārcis Ruiķis

Clockwise skateshop is….Off the chain!

What is in store for you in the near/far future?
Have to go now, sorry, have a good one you too!


Rūdolfs Henčels - nose manualRudolfs Hencels Nollie BigspinRudolfs Hencels nolliebs_5_0

Rūdolfs Henčels Crooks 360 shovit out   Rūdolfs Henčels swbigspin


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