How old are you now?
Born in 1996, do the math yourself!

Where do you come from?
Aus Riga city

How long have you been on a skateboard?
4204800 minutes more or less

What is the best thing about skateboarding?
It is all on you, no one can tell you what to do or how to do it!

What is the worst thing about it?
Pain that comes with it

Top 3 songs in your playlist right now?
Nadia Rose – Skwod
Atmosphere – Windows
Skepta – It aint safe

3 favorite tricks?
BS Tail slide
FS shuvit
Nose wheelie

Favorite spot?
Not sure, probably Berlin benches, LONG LIVE BÄNKE

Your sponsors?
Vans, Clockwise

Clockwise is ……
skateboarding !

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