Eduards Nehajenko

How long have you been skateboarding?
I think it’s almost 17 years

Why did you start skateboarding?
One of the is lady at the video game store didn’t have the game I wanted so she offered me that THPS2 😀 Other reason was because later on I saw a skateboard in a shop and asked my older brother whether we should buy it, cause I wasn’t sure if I want it or need it, but he said give it a try.

How often do you skate these days?
I try to skate at least 3 times a week, sometimes it’s less sometimes more.

What was better in skateboarding 10 years ago?
Who knows, that was 2008 too much partying back then. But probably appriciation of skatevideos would be one of the things.

What is better now?
Might be progress of skateboarding

Favorite Latvian and foreign riders?
Probably Madars Apse is one of the favorite latvian skaters, I also grew up skating with him, so lots of good times and inspiration. But I will also mention Rudolfs Henchels, he’s the man, one of the favorite Latvian skaters. Well and then there’s so many foreign favorite skaters, but one of them would be Tyler Surrey, he’s the homie, skated with him a lot back in San Diego, awesome skateboarder with really good trick selection and great person in general.

What inspired you to get involved with/create Clockwise skateshop?
Of course it was Rudolfs Henchels who inspired me, Clockwise skateshop just looked like mellow vibes with 100% skateboarding, but also it was just love for skateboarding and wanting to be part of it in Latvia and helping it progress

Clockwise skateshop is….
getting shit done!

What is in store for you in the near/far future?
Well, it’s 20/03/2018 and I just turned 30 week ago. I just wanna keep skating and really would love to film another street part, which I am doing but really slowly, need to stay out of skateparks on the weekends 😀

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