Mārcis Ruiķis

How long have you been skateboarding?
24 years

Why did you start skateboarding?
Around the block with RIPO and friends

How often do you skate these days?
I’ll try to go out a least once a week

What was better in skateboarding 10 years ago?
No idea, but 20 years ago beer was cheaper 🙂

What is better now?
Sk8parks – we use to have none! Also some new spots are built in last years.

Favorite Latvian and foreign riders?
Too much to name

What inspired you to get involved with/create Clockwise skateshop?
Knee trauma – and that Riga didn’t have a decent, proper skateshop owned by skaters for skaters.

Clockwise skateshop is….

What is in store for you in the near/far future?
A bowl or decent mini in my backyard