How long have you been skateboarding?
More than half of my age

How long have you been doing graphic design?
3 or 4 years

Which one do you like more, skateboarding or design?
Skateboarding for sure

What inspires you to create/draw things?

What are your favorite skateboarders right now?
Nate Greenwood, Jordan Maxham and more

What is the best thing about skateboaring?
You can do whatever you wanna do

Where do you like to skate and with whom?
Streets, plazas, Barix, LNB, in winter G-Tiim skatepark. With everyone who is up to skate and don’t annoy me.

Favorite tricks?
Nollie bs heelflip
Kickflps in every stance
Nollie tailslides and more

Clockwise Skateshop is ……
not about dick picks but all about skate clips, best shop ..ariva!

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