1. What is Clockwise Skateshop?
Clockwise Skateshop is a core skateboard store located in west coast of Riga, Latvia, as well as an online store, which you are visiting right now. We’ve been around for a while now, and in that time have organized tons of competitions and events, as well as supported some of the best talents in Latvian skateboarding.

2. Why should I choose Clockwise Skateshop for my skateboarding needs?
We offer the best prices for high quality products.
We try to give back to skateboarding community as much as we can to help it grow here in Latvia, and Baltic countries.
We support and offer European company products in addition to the big U.S. brands, cause we believe that the whole European skateboarding scene gets overlooked too often these days.
We do encourage everyone to support their local skateshop and the ones that are helping your skateboarding scene.

3.Do you ship outside the Baltic countries?
Yes, we ship to all EU countries. For more shipping information click here.

4. Are all the products in the shop also in the online store?
We update our online store on regular basis and 99% of all the products are also available online, but there are some rare gems that you can only get in the store in Riga.

5.Can I get sponsored by Clockwise Skateshop?
At the moment we have a big team for the size of our shop, but we are always taking notice of some new talents that might deserve some sort of sponsorship.